Product Safety

The safety of our products is of paramount importance. At all stages of development and production, the safety and the quality of our products is a primary consideration. We are focused on the need to monitor and review our safety and quality checks and precautions. We continuously review these processes and procedures in order to maintain our fine record of providing children and families with safe, high quality, creative experiences under the Aliquantum International brands.


Most of our products are sourced in China and are very safe. We believe that product safety is more than just product testing. It begins with our team of experts in product design and development and continues with our quality assurance team and long time production partners. It continues beyond the purchase of our products to our consumer service specialists in Los Angeles, California. Third party audits and testing of products and factories further strengthen this process. Factory and production team on-site factory visits take place quarterly. We test the individual components in our products, many of which are used across multiple kits, to ensure that they meet or exceed all US and International safety standards including those for lead, phthalates and magnets.


Beyond safety, social and environmental issues are of great importance to us. The toy industry goes to great lengths to develop and monitor rigorous testing and inspection procedures ensuring that toys are safe. For more specific information on toy safety please visit the Toy Industry Association website at


We appreciate your interest and support as we continue to provide quality, safe creative experiences for children around the world.